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Posted by Melissa Quinney on May 16, 2024 3:02:00 PM

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It’s a dream for many to have our own garden bar or garden pub to enjoy with friends and family. Perhaps building a garden bar has been on your agenda for some time now and you have visions of shaking up homemade cocktails or enjoying a few glasses of wine from a bar setting without the inevitable hustle and bustle at your local. Having your own bar in the garden provides the ultimate space to chill out (or party) on your own terms. But what’s even better than a garden bar? A garden bar grill! Read on to discover the thrill of a garden bar grill, where drinking meets barbequing all from the comfort of one cosy building!

Choose a garden bar with a BBQ grill

Thinking about installing a bar in your garden? Amazing! Having a garden bar provides an entertainment space as well as a relaxation spot all from the comfort of your own home. Why leave your property to go to the pub when you can bring the pub to you?

However, take this vision of the garden pub experience and go one step further... What about enjoying drinks at the bar AND food on the grill? Well, we give you the Arctic Cabins garden bar with a BBQ grill! They're a sure-fire way to get the very best from your outdoor area and maximise your opportunities for both entertainment and relaxation. 

Arctic Cabins 10m garden bar with a BBQ grill

Two socialisation spots in one  

Combining a home bar with a barbeque grill hut provides two socialisation spots in one place! Your guests can sit at the bar area and enjoy drinks together or they can sit on the benches and circle around the central barbecue unit, watching the flames and getting cosy. Having two socialisation spots is perfect for larger occasions when friends or family members might want to branch off into smaller groups. You can also let your guests lounge around the bar area while you rustle up their food on the barbecue! There's just so much scope for gatherings, parties and special occasions, as well as for quality time spent between just yourself and your partner.

Arctic Cabins 10m garden bar with a BBQ grill

Join the community

When you join our Arctic Cabins family by investing in a garden bar with a BBQ grill, you’ll be added to our Arctic Cabins Owners Club. This is an exclusive community space where fellow owners share photos of their own garden bar grills, discuss barbecue tips and tricks, share recipes or even new cocktails they’ve crafted using their garden bars. While all of our garden bar grills come complete with our traditional Finnish accessories pack to offer an authentic, cosy Scandinavian experience, you have the freedom to decorate your garden bar grill space however you like. Our owners club is a great place to pick up design inspiration! Some of our owners even get name plaques for their garden bars as well as personalised beer mats or bar signs to truly enhance their garden pub experience! You'll be eager to showcase your own style in no time.

Year-round, all weather entertainment

Enjoying your garden shouldn’t be exclusive to the summer months. Why wait for the warm weather to invite your nearest and dearest round for good food and good drinks? While our garden bars with BBQ grills are a fantastic place to spend summer days and summer evenings, they are a warm haven during winter too! Just imagine the cosy nights by the fire with a glass or two of mulled wine. Gone were the days of staying cooped up in the living room and trying to stay warm, watching repeats on the TV because there's nothing better to do. Your garden will become the central hub for get togethers - the first place your family and friends think of when they want to have a good time despite the unreliable British weather. 

Arctic Cabins 10m garden bar with a BBQ grill

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Choosing the right garden bar with a BBQ grill for you 

When you're ready to transform your home and garden and welcome years of enjoyment, our experts will help you to choose the right garden bar for you. We want you to make the most of your outdoor space and with a free site survey, we will be able to recommend the right size of garden bar with a BBQ grill for your requirements. 

Small Garden Bar Grills 

If you have a smaller garden or would prefer a cosier, more intimate feel to your garden bar, opt for our small garden bar with a BBQ grill. This is our highly-sought 10m² bar version, quickly becoming a bestseller! While it may look compact from the outside, these smaller bar and grill garden buildings offer over 13 square metres of space. That’s ample room for seating 9 friends or family members while treating them to both a home pub or home bar experience AND a barbeque! 

Find out more about our 10m BBQ garden bar in this case study

Arctic Cabins 10m garden bar with a BBQ grill

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Large Garden Bar Grills 

For a real showstopper, you can create the ultimate garden pub or garden bar experience with our large garden bar with a BBQ grill. Maximise your outdoor space and maximise your opportunities for inviting all of your friends or family around to enjoy both drinks at the bar and food on the grill for evenings and weekends they’ll never forget! Our large garden bar grill cabins boast 19 square metres of entertainment space and will seat a whopping 20 guests on the benches. Your garden bar will really emulate that pub or bar experience while you control the guest list! You’ll have so much room to get the drinks flowing and the barbeque sizzling that you might even forget you’re at home. 

Arctic Cabins 14m garden bar with a BBQ grill   

Want to step inside a garden bar grill and see the quality for yourself? We have both our small garden bar grill (10m²) and our large garden bar grill (14m²) on display at our Nottingham show site. You can also see our smaller 10m garden bar grill at our Studley show site! Be sure to pop in and pay us a visit. You'll get a true feel of what a garden bar with a barbecue grill could mean for your home and garden.

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