A-Z of Uses for an Arctic Cabin - Your Unique Perfect Escape

Posted by Victoria Parkinson on Feb 3, 2021 11:56:07 AM

While each Arctic Cabin leaves us the same, it's the life that you give it - what you do in yours, that sets each one apart. Our Arctic Cabins lead many varied lives - the extra space is used for lots of different purposes by our customers. Check out the A-Z of Arctic Cabin uses below.

The adaptability of an Arctic Cabin is what makes it so versatile. Many customers choose to have our integrated barbecue grill and built-in seating for all year round entertaining as the main use for their Arctic Cabin. But some opt for a cabin without the barbecue so they can use their extra space for another purpose, and the variety of uses is as long as our arm! We've heard so many different ways that our Arctic Cabins are being enjoyed, that we present ...

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Go Plant Based with These 4 Vegan BBQ Recipes

Posted by Victoria Parkinson on Dec 3, 2019 3:30:23 PM

The Perfect Escape...To A Vegan Diet

One of the many pleasures of an Arctic Cabins BBQ hut is the fabulous central BBQ which means that you can deliver perfectly grilled burgers even when the Great British summer is not delivering BBQ weather!

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9 Reasons To Buy Your BBQ Hut From Arctic Cabins™

Posted by Victoria Parkinson on Dec 3, 2019 3:04:47 PM

Our Arctic Cabins customers tell us time and time again that, in this ever-expanding universe of choice, there is only one choice.

Spoiler alert - it’s us.

Drive past most garden centres or DIY superstores these days and you'll probably see a variety of timber garden buildings for sale. Certainly the choice has increased in the 17 years since we launched Arctic Cabins.

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The Best Wines For Barbecues

Posted by Mark Jennison on Jan 28, 2019 1:18:20 PM

We have recently teamed up with Worth Brothers Wines, who are going to be giving us lots of advice and tips on great wines and offering us quality wines at great prices delivered direct to your door.

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What's On Your Barbecue?

Posted by Mark Jennison on Jan 28, 2019 1:18:09 PM

Not sausages according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics. Latest research shows that the sale of sausages has fallen since 2008 from £838.2 million to £820.7 million, this equates to a fall of 2.1%. However, the volume sold has fallen by more than a quarter; 26.4% to 330.3 million kilograms over the same period.

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You Must See Them To Believe It At The Nottingham Show Site

Posted by Mark Jennison on Dec 10, 2018 4:45:00 PM

You must see them to believe how AMAZING our Arctic Cabins really are. An Arctic Cabin will offer a whole new dimension to BBQ’s this summer. Your garden will be transformed, and your friends will be left in awe. Come and look for yourself at our stunning show site.

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