Grill House Log Cabins: The Grillkota Way!

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Owning a modern grill house log cabin is becoming more and more popular among those looking to upgrade their garden space and create a place to entertain and enjoy with friends and family. But where do the contemporary grill houses come from? The grill house is the modern Scandinavian Grillkota cabin, dating back many generations ago! Let’s discuss the traditional Kota cabins some more…

Grillkota Log Cabins


A Grillkota log cabin or Grillikota (The Finnish word for ‘Grillhouse’) also referred to simply as a kota, is a wooden building which originates among Sámi reindeer herders in Scandinavia. The Grillkota nods towards the formerly traditional Nordic Tipi or Yurt tents and structures, developing into a sturdier, wooden structure which proved better for harsher climates during the cold winter months where many Scandinavian countries can experience extreme weather conditions. For generations, people would return from hunting for food and gather around the Grillkota’s central fire pit to cook their meats or other foods sourced during the hunt together. The Grillikota log cabins would have seating inside so users could sit together and circle around the open fire, meaning they were typically shared by groups and used communally.


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Perhaps kota cabins providing this sense of community and togetherness as well as their warmth and shelter is why the modern grill house has stood the test of time! It’s undeniable that a grill house is a functional space perfect for spending quality time with loved ones, whether used in harsh climates or in a garden in the UK. The grill house log cabin’s central fire pit with barbecue grill is great for having barbecues between friends or the family, to enjoy homemade meals together around the comfort and warmth of the fire. Why not experience a touch of Scandinavian history and create the perfect excuse to spend more time together, for years to come?

Our Arctic Cabins grillkota grill houses are built in hexagonal shapes, with hexagonal roof tiles to honour the traditional Scandinavian grill houses which were usually built in hexagonal or octagonal shapes. We build them with our trademarked sloping wall design to really stand out from the modern grill house log cabin crowd and honour the rich history and culture of Scandinavia. Not only this, but the sloping-walled design creates additional space inside the grill house BBQ hut and enhances the comfort of the seating position, making our grill house cabins the ultimate log cabins for relaxing in and truly enjoying the good times. 

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In fact, our grill house log cabins have such a deep rooted history! Our company founder’s wife, Virpi, is from Finland herself. Together, they decided to bring the traditional Grillkota BBQ Huts from Finland over to the UK for families to own and love together over here. We even help our customers to create a Scandinavian experience from their own homes, providing traditional accessories packs with every cabin. You receive real reindeer skins sourced from sustainable herds which really pay tribute to Sami reindeer herding tradition. You won’t believe how soft the furs are until you try them out for yourself! (Just a hint, you can visit our East and West Midlands show sites and take a look inside our grill house log cabins to try before you buy!) With our grill house kota cabins, you also receive plenty of other traditional finnish accessories, just check out the variety here. You will really emulate the Scandinavian grillkota experience!

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Our grill house log cabins come in a range of sizes, meaning you’ll find the perfect grillkota cabin for your family size. Whether you want to create an intimate, cosy experience with our 7m² grill house or opt for our huge 25m² grill house fit for a larger gathering between friends, we have an Arctic Cabins grill house for you! Enjoy your garden all year round, with shade in the summer and some welcome warmth in the winter. Since we use high quality materials like FSC approved Scandinavian slow-grown sustainable redwood, our grill houses are built to last. They are designed to be enjoyed for years to come, just like the traditional Grillikotas. We’re so confident of this at Arctic Cabins that all of our grill house log cabins come with our 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee! Choose a quality grill house, choose a company who honours the grillkota historical roots, and choose years of both functionality and fun, days and nights spent circling round the grill house barbecue.

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The Arctic Cabins Difference

At Arctic Cabins, we design, manufacture and install our Arctic Cabins all over the UK, with our own skilled team of employees - a 'turn-key' project from start to finish. We are so confident that we offer a no-quibble 10-year manufacturer's guarantee giving you complete peace of mind.

With different sizes of Arctic Cabins grill houses available (from 7m² to 25m²), we can help you create a perfect, cosy, intimate and fun environment for your family and friends to enjoy.

Come and see our Arctic Cabins Grill House quality for yourself.  Our show site in Nottingham is just a few minutes from J25 of the M1, you'll find us at many national home and garden shows and events throughout the year and you can call to find out more on 0115 932 8888.


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