The Log Cabins Phenomena - Humble Beginnings of Our Timber Buildings

Posted by Gemma Long on Mar 10, 2023 7:28:00 PM



Our Arctic Log Cabins - Timber Buildings Rooted in Culture, Spirit and Pioneering Times. 

It’s become clear that the gardening boom cultivated throughout the pandemic is here to stay; in the next year we expect to garden with nature and the environment even more in mind, no matter how that may look to you - allotments, flowerbeds, birdhouses, BBQs, hot tubs, garden rooms or log cabins. Sometimes overlooked due to their typically ‘rustic’ appearance, our Arctic log cabins are the perfect staycation at the end of your garden. But, did you know that each and every one of our Arctic BBQ huts give a nod to the times of the pioneers?

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It was during the early 17th Century that Swedish and Finnish pioneers brought the idea of log cabins to North America, quickly becoming a valuable asset - and with good reason! Intrigued by the simplicity of the construction and the minimal tools, skills and time commitment necessary to build, other pioneers were taken with these unique huts, and log cabins quickly spread across the modern day Midwest. 



Capturing the Pioneering Spirit...

At Arctic Cabins, our log cabins truly capture the culture, pioneering spirit and reward of hard work from our ancestors, as well as giving our customers the opportunity to connect with the natural world. Enjoying some me-time in one of our Arctic BBQ huts has fantastic effects on the mind and body; the breathable timber allows for a regular and healthy level of humidity inside - perfect for those of us who suffer from pesky allergies. Their aesthetically pleasing design promotes a sense of calmness that reduces stress levels, anxiety and can even lower blood pressure!



There are a huge range of celebrity chefs, gardeners, TV Personalities and Royalty who go loco for our log cabins and the plethora of ways to use them. Not only a great way to entertain friends and family over a hearty BBQ meal and glass of prosecco, they also make fantastic spaces to work from home, your very own man cave/she shed, or even a zen den!

Our slow-grown Scandinavian redwood-made log cabins are a convenient, comfortable and cost-effective way to get that extra space you need - and aren’t they the cutest things ever! 

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Each of our Arctic log cabins embody all things cosy and cultural with our Finnish accessory pack which includes cutlery, a wooden clock, a thermometer, kettle, bottle opener (essential, I know), coasters and kuksa (traditional Finnish wooden mugs - hats off to the pioneers). You can also choose, as standard, luxurious Reindeer skins from sustainable herds, and quality, comfy seat cushions in a fabric colour of your choice. 

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Our Scandi accessories work as a fantastic foundation for the interior of your log cabin - but the decision to add your personal touch on it is there for you as well. Every day we are blown away by pictures of our current owner’s cabins and how they have let their creativity shine through in more ways than one; wall art, kitchens, tufted rugs, mini fridges, LED lights and even a massage room! You will get full access to our Owner’s Club Facebook Group where you can share tips and tricks with other log cabin owners and feel a sense of pride and community for your Arctic BBQ Hut - so what’s stopping you?

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