Log Cabins - the journey from early shelters to the modern BBQ retreat

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Step into the rustic charm of log cabins and explore their fascinating journey from early shelters to modern-day barbecue retreats. Dating back to ancient times, log cabins were born out of necessity, providing shelter and protection against the elements. Today, Arctic Cabins log cabins blend traditional craftsmanship with luxurious amenities. From spacious interiors and functional central BBQ grills to fully-kitted bar areas, our log cabins offer the perfect blend of comfort and wow-factor. And what better way to enjoy the natural surroundings of your garden than with a BBQ feast?

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History of Log Cabins

Log cabins have a long and storied history that dates back to ancient times. The concept of using logs as a building material originated from the need for protection against the elements. In regions with abundant forests, it made perfect sense to utilise the readily available resources to construct durable shelters. In the early days, log cabins were simple structures constructed by stacking logs horizontally and interlocking them at the corners. The gaps between the logs were filled with moss, clay, or mud to seal out the cold and keep the interior warm. These cabins were small and compact, designed to accommodate a family or a small group of people.


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Evolution of Log Cabins

As time went on, log cabin design and construction techniques became more refined, allowing for larger and more comfortable living spaces. The advent of sawmills in the 18th century made it easier to produce uniformly shaped logs, leading to the popularity of the "chinked" log cabin style. Chinking involved filling the gaps between the logs with a mortar-like mixture, improving insulation and durability.

During the 19th century, log cabins underwent a transformation as settlers began to embrace a more decorative approach. The "Finnish" or "Swedish cope" style emerged, featuring logs with a rounded cut on the outside, creating an attractive and distinctive look. In the early 20th century, the popularity of log cabins waned as more modern construction methods took hold. However, log cabins experienced a resurgence in the 1920s and 1930s, thanks to movements which celebrated the use of natural materials and traditional craftsmanship, placing log cabins back in the spotlight! Just where they should be.

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Features of Traditional Log Cabins

Traditional log cabins had distinct features that set them apart from other types of homes. One of the most notable features is the use of logs as both the structural and aesthetic element. The logs were often left exposed on both the interior and exterior, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood. The logs provided excellent insulation, keeping the interior cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Another characteristic of traditional log cabins was the cosy and rustic atmosphere they exuded. The interior was typically adorned with wooden furniture, stone fireplaces, and warm colour palettes to create a welcoming and comfortable space. The use of natural materials extended beyond the logs, with elements such as stone, leather, and wool being commonly incorporated into the design. We are huge fans of the traditional look. With an Arctic Cabins BBQ cabin, you even get the natural spruce aromas of our Scandinavian redwood. This makes for a truly authentic experience!

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Modern Log Cabin Designs

In recent years, log cabins have undergone a modern transformation, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design elements. Today's log cabins offer the perfect balance between rustic charm and modern luxury. The exterior may still feature the classic log construction, but the interiors are often open and spacious, with an abundance of natural light. The integration of technology has also become more prevalent. These modern upgrades ensure that log cabins are not only cosy and charming but also comfortable and convenient for year-round enjoyment. With an Arctic Cabins BBQ cabin, you can personalise your BBQ retreat your way! Choose LED lighting for a modern experience. Get the BBQ party started with a colour of your choice, or opt for a warm, romantic glow for an evening spent with your partner. 

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Log Cabin Accessories 

To complete the log cabin experience, there are various accessories that can enhance the ambiance and functionality of your BBQ retreat. Here are a few popular options:

  1. Cosy blankets and throws: Add warmth and comfort to your log cabin with cosy blankets and throws. Opt for natural fabrics such as wool or fleece for a rustic touch.
  2. Rustic furniture: Choose furniture pieces that complement the log cabin aesthetic. Look for pieces made from reclaimed wood or distressed finishes for an authentic and timeless look.
  3. Fireplace accessories: If you choose an Arctic Cabins BBQ log cabin, you can gather barbecue accessories and really create the ultimate BBQ retreat! 

In fact, at Arctic Cabins, all of our log cabins come complete with a traditional Finnish accessories pack. Talk about fully-loaded!

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The Enduring Appeal of Log Cabins

Log cabins have come a long way from their humble beginnings as simple shelters. They have evolved into iconic structures that embody a sense of warmth, comfort, and nostalgia. Whether used as a garden retreat or an entertainment hub among friends, log cabins offer a unique and timeless experience!

The enduring appeal of log cabins lies in their connection to nature, their durability, and their ability to provide an escape from the pressures of modern life. From the ancient log cabins of the past to the modern-day BBQ retreats, these structures continue to captivate our imaginations and inspire us to embrace a simpler way of living. So, step into the rustic charm of an Arctic Cabins BBQ log cabin and experience the magic for yourself!

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The Arctic Cabins Difference

At Arctic Cabins, we design, manufacture and install our Arctic Cabins all over the UK, with our own skilled team of employees - a 'turn-key' project from start to finish. We are so confident that we offer a no-quibble 10-year manufacturer's guarantee giving you complete peace of mind.

With different sizes of Arctic Cabins grill houses available (from 7m² to 25m²), we can help you create a perfect, cosy, intimate and fun environment for your family and friends to enjoy.

Come and see our Arctic Cabins Grill House quality for yourself.  Our show site in Nottingham is just a few minutes from J25 of the M1, you'll find us at many national home and garden shows and events throughout the year and you can call to find out more on 0115 932 8888.


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