5 Psychological Benefits of an Arctic Cabins Sauna

Posted by Melissa Quinney on Feb 29, 2024 12:39:29 PM

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Stress can feel ever present these days. Finding an effective way to relax and unwind is crucial for your mental health and psychological wellbeing. Saunas, long celebrated for their physical health benefits, are increasingly appearing as a powerful psychological self-care investment. As well as providing a warm and soothing environment to relax in, research indicates that saunas can positively impact your stress levels, mood, cognitive skills and sleep quality, while also helping prevent an array of psychological health problems. Let's delve into the many ways that using an Arctic Cabins sauna could help boost your mental health and psychological wellbeing...

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What are the psychological benefits of saunas?


(1) Stress Relief 

When thinking about the psychological benefits of a sauna, most people immediately think of relaxation and stress relief, and with good reason - saunas can help reduce stress in a variety of ways. Relaxing in a sauna has been linked with a decrease cortisol levels, the hormone we produce which is responsible for stress. Consistently using a sauna for 15 minutes, 4-7 times a week has been shown to decrease blood cortisol levels by as much as 40%, helping to relieve stress and promote both physical and psychological feelings of relaxation. Moreover, as your core body temperature begins to rise due to the heat generated by a sauna, your blood vessels vasodilate (become wider) to allow an increased supply of blood to flow towards the surface of the skin, pushing out the excess heat.  As the blood vessels widen, the pressure in which the blood is pumped around the body decreases, which in turn can help reduce feelings of anxiousness and stress. Finally, when exposed to warmth, your muscles begin to relax. This helps to ease tension and soreness, promoting feelings of relaxation and comfort.

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(2) Mood Enhancement 

Saunas have long been considered an effective and relaxing way to uplift your mood. Thanks to the heat and steam generated during a session, saunas provide an environment that helps promote mood enhancement through a variety of physiological mechanisms. Research shows that the warmth of a sauna triggers the brain and central nervous system to release endorphins, a group of chemicals often referred to as ‘happy hormones’ or ‘feel good chemicals’. Endorphins help suppress pain and stress while elevating your mood, inducing feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Furthermore, studies indicate that relaxing in a sauna can also trigger a release in serotonin, a hormone that plays a key role in managing your mood. As serotonin levels increase, feelings of happiness, calmness, and contentment are induced, once again helping to uplift your mood and prevent feelings of sadness or anxiousness from creeping in.

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(3) Cognitive Benefits 

When thinking about saunas, many consider them to be sanctuaries to relax and unwind in after a long day. While this is true, research shows that using a sauna in the morning can also be a great way to start your day. As the heat induced vasodilation we mentioned earlier occurs, our brains are also nourished by an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients. Subsequently, this can help improve your emotional regulation, mental alertness and decision-making skills, all of which can help you efficiently and confidently deal with the stresses and responsibilities of day-to-day life. Additionally, as your muscles relax in response to the warmth of a sauna, feelings of muscular soreness, stiffness and tension begin to ease, helping reduce or even prevent the amount of physical discomfort you experience throughout the day. Demonstrating the direct impact the combination of all these benefits can have on your daily productivity, one study found that people who relaxed in a sauna in the morning had higher task completion, performance and efficacy rates when compared against participants those who didn’t.

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(4) Sleep Enhancement

The quality and duration of the sleep you get each night plays an integral role in maintaining a positive mental state. A sauna can help you achieve a better quality of sleep through a range of physiological mechanisms. As previously discussed, the heat generated by a sauna causes your core body temperature to rise. However, once you step out of the sauna into a cooler environment, your core body temperature begins to drop again. Research shows that as your core body temperature slowly decreases, feelings of sleepiness are induced, making your sauna an ideal pre-bedtime routine. Saunas can also help to block out some of the factors that can prohibit you from getting a good night’s sleep. Relaxing in a sauna promotes both mental and physical relaxation by reducing stress levels and muscular tension, helping to prevent you from tossing and turning at night because of anxious thoughts or sore muscles. In fact, a study found that 83.5% of its participants reported an improvement in their quality of sleep after being prescribed sauna bathing.

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(4) Reduced Risk of Chronic Conditions

As well the many short-term benefits already discussed, the regular use of a sauna could be beneficial for your long-term psychological health. Thanks to their ability to stimulate the production of happy hormones and protect from stress, research indicates that the regular use of a sauna is associated with a decrease in the symptoms of mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.  Moreover, while additional research is required to deepen our understanding on a potential relationship between the two, early research indicates that regularly using a sauna 4-7 times a week can protect against conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s, with recent studies reporting that sauna bathing 4-7 times a week can reduce the risk of both conditions by as much as 65%.


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In conclusion, saunas can prove to be a relaxing and effective psychological self-care investment. From uplifting your mood and reducing your stress levels to helping you get a better night’s sleep, incorporating a sauna into your daily routine can provide you with a range of psychological benefits, help promote your general well-being and protect your long-term psychological health. Find out more about Arctic Cabins Saunas here or call 0115 932 8888.

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