Add 'Mys' With A Swedish BBQ Hut

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We all know about Denmark's hygge, but what about Sweden's mys? Find out everything you need to know about the term mys, the Scandinavian history behind our BBQ Huts, and how to create mys at home with your Swedish BBQ Hut! 

Add Mys With A Swedish BBQ Hut

You may already be familiar with Hygge, a Danish term used to describe a cosy, contented mood evoked by comfort. The concept of hygge helps people through the cold winter months, where they may seek warmth and comfort through candles, fires, foods and quality time spent with family and friends. As for Sweden, their winters are longer and darker, with parts of Northern Sweden becoming dark for the full 24 hours a day during winter. Also, temperatures can drop to -30°C! Sweden uses the term mys (pronounced ‘mees’) which as a noun translates to cosiness in English. It relates more to your surroundings and being/feeling close to others. Being deliberate and mindful about mys can really help Swedes to stay happy and healthy during the winter period.

When used as a noun, mys is a very versatile suffix and can be added onto a variety of different words. For example, getting cosy with loved ones at Christmas is called julmys. When enjoying julmys, you can expect mulled wine, gingerbread, Christmas music and festive activities between close friends or family, such as Christmas decoration making to get into the festive spirit. Furthermore, something can be mystigt and people can be mysa. At Arctic Cabins, we believe that we could all take great inspiration in trying to incorporate more mys into our daily lives, and with a Swedish BBQ Hut, that becomes all the more possible!

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How to create mys in your Swedish BBQ Hut

There are so many ways to create mys with your Swedish BBQ Hut! The central barbecue grill is a huge factor. Spending time with loved ones circled around the warmth of the flames is an undeniable feeling of cosiness. You can share homemade foods together cooked on the BBQ, the ultimate cosy cabin experience. The Swedish approach to food involves using produce that is seasonal, local and organic. Why not try your hand at barbecue kebab skewers using locally grown vegetables? 

Candles are another fantastic part of creating mys. Place candles around your Swedish BBQ Hut and fill the cabin with a soft, warm glow. It's bound to make both yourself and your loved ones feel content and cosy! Alternatively, you can achieve a similar effect with the modern alternative: LED lighting. Many of our Arctic Cabins owners opt for LED lighting as an extra when getting their cabins installed. You can select a colour or light sequence that's right for you, depending on the desired mood and atmosphere for inside your BBQ Hut. 

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Swedish BBQ Hut History

There’s a rich history behind every Swedish BBQ Hut. Throughout Scandinavia, Grillkota BBQ Huts are a cultural icon. These sturdy wooden shelters, which have a central BBQ unit, are scattered across towns, forests, and national parks across Sweden, Finland and other areas of Scandinavia. They serve as warm havens during the chilly winter months. Many have stood for more than a hundred years despite the harsh winter weather conditions, really proving the longevity of slow-grown Scandinavian redwood! They are widely used by families, communities, and visitors alike, and are an integral aspect of Scandinavian culture.

Interestingly, 70% of Sweden's land is made up of forests. The Swedish BBQ Hut allows its users to feel at one with nature. The sprue aromas and the visuals of the Scandinavian redwood are an integral reminder of Sweden's connection to the natural world. In fact, plenty of Swedish design incorporates rustic wood features. At Arctic Cabins, we love to see our Scandinavian BBQ Huts kitted out with rustic interior design features as a nod to both Scandinavia and the natural world! Many of our Arctic Cabin owners expand on the traditional accessories pack that we include with all Arctic Cabins builds and add their own wooden accessories and extras to tailor their space just how they like it. Adding wooden accents and features really emphasises the warmth and cosiness of a space. 

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Immersive Scandinavian Experience

Is your garden missing something? Looking for the perfect addition to bring your space back to life? Add a touch of Scandinavia to your garden with an Arctic Cabins Swedish BBQ Hut! Be the envy of your neighbourhood with a quirky new space to enjoy flame-grilled foods the traditional Scandinavian way. All of our Swedish BBQ Huts come complete with an incredible accessories pack so you can truly enjoy the Scandinavian experience without needing to leave the comfort of your home. Our pack even includes real reindeer skins sourced from sustainable herds for the ultimate comfort. We also provide traditional wooden accessories such as cutlery, coasters and even a wooden clock. The natural spruce aromas inside the cabin really create an authentic, immersive Scandinavian experience. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful woody scents. You may even forget you’re actually at home!Chat To Our Team Today

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Swedish BBQ Huts with Bar Extensions

A Swedish Barbecue Hut is the ideal location for summertime BBQs and wintertime get-togethers for warm evenings with loved ones. But what could be more ideal than a hut in your own garden with a Scandinavian influence? A Swedish BBQ Hut with a Bar Extension! You won’t have to carry all the bottles of your preferred whisky and gins to and from the house. Instead, continue to enjoy your beverages from the luxury of your cabin. Nothing compares to the atmosphere inside a Swedish BBQ Bar!

View our case studies to read the positive reviews from some of our most recent Arctic Cabins owners on their Swedish BBQ Huts, arctic bars, and other arctic cabin designs from our range.

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The Arctic Cabins Difference

At Arctic Cabins, we design, manufacture and install our Arctic Cabins all over the UK, with our own skilled team of employees - a 'turn-key' project from start to finish. We are so confident that we offer a no-quibble 10-year manufacturer's guarantee giving you complete peace of mind.

With different sizes of Arctic Cabins Scandinavian inspired BBQ Huts available (from 7m² to 25m²), we can help you create a perfect, cosy, intimate and fun environment for your family and friends to enjoy.

Come and see our Arctic Cabins BBQ Hut quality for yourself.  Our show site in Nottingham is just a few minutes from J25 of the M1, you'll find us at many national home and garden shows and events throughout the year and you can call to find out more on 0115 932 8888.


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