What's On Your Arctic Barbeque?

Posted by Victoria Parkinson on Feb 3, 2023 7:00:00 PM

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Apparently not sausages according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics! Latest research shows that the sale of sausages has fallen a whopping 26.4% in the past 15 years whereas the sale of beef, especially steak, and chicken have increased by 50% . So why are we more inclined to steer away from our curly-tailed friends? And just how can you perfect your other meats on your Arctic Grill? 

Inside a 10m² Arctic Cabin with cinema screen & roaring fireSausages are a staple for any Barbecue - and can be cooked to perfection in your Grill Hut. However, I’ve compiled some alternatives to satisfy those who are repulsed by them; whether it be the smell, the overly-meaty taste or thinking about how they’re made. 

  1. Go Veggie - The popularity of plant-based alternatives has skyrocketed over the past few years, and it seems we have come to witness the perfecting of the Veggie/Vegan Sausage. Significantly less in calories, saturated fat and sodium, the veggie sausage is the perfect contender for the pork-fearing folk - or anyone willing to try something a bit different! Your taste buds won’t be missing out on the fantastic smoky flavour of your Veggie/Vegan sausage when it’s beautifully grilled in your Arctic Cabin!

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Make it exotic - Maybe it’s an English sausage that triggers you most, if so - why not bring a bit of the Iberian Peninsula into your home? Chorizo sausage is actually packed full of vitamins and essential amino acids that aid with digestion, turn food into energy and even have a positive influence on our nerve function. Also - it’s outrageously tasty! Grilling your Chorizo sausage in your Arctic Cabin is a great appetiser when served with bread, cheese and wine, que sabroso!14m² Arctic Cabin BBQ Hobbit Hut

  1. Change your meat - I personally am persuaded by a Chicken sausage; especially when it tastes as flavourful as when cooked in my BBQ Cabin. These guys are perfect for those of us wanting to see those gym gains pay off and hit our daily quota of protein! Not only this, but they also offer an increase in bone strength, metabolism and manage your blood pressure. Why not treat yourself to a full English in the cabin but swap for a more well-rounded Chicken sausage?  

Right - we’ve solved Sausagegate, but what about the other essentials? Here are some other top tips to help you make the most out of your Arctic Cabin. And get some serious Chef points! Inside an Arctic Cabins BBQ Grill Hut Curry Recipe

  • It’s always going to taste better if it’s homemade. Think of all that love and care that goes into scratch cooking; it’s certainly going to translate into some BIG flavours. Burgers, in particular, will trump anything you buy in the shops - even if they are made simply with salt and pepper and good-quality meat. Opt for a high-fat mince in order to produce juicy, flavourful burgers whether you like them a little pink in the middle or smoked all the way through.

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The future is fish, especially when it works so well with smoke (smoked salmon)! I would suggest sticking to the basics and getting a whole side of salmon, throw some kiln dried logs in and chef to your heart's content. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can slice a whole fish open and stuff with lemon, dill and pepper!
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  • Your new mantra should be “leave for a few hours, ideally overnight” - as this applies TWICE when barbecuing in your Arctic Grill. You don’t want your flavours to be paramount to the addition of smoke. Go the extra mile for your taste buds and brush the meat or fish with the marinade every 10 minutes as it cooks. This will add moisture, trap the smoke flavour and gently caramelise your meaty main dish.
Don’t forget your vegetables! It’s easy to enter caveman carnivore mode when BBQing in your Grill hut, but by getting the technique right you will get perfectly charred veggies to be served along with your smokey meats. Start by slicing thin and whack them straight onto the grill as they are. The flavour can be amped up once they are cooked by adding olive oil and vinegar.10m² Arctic Cabins BBQ Hut Garden Bar

So there you have it - the huge range of meals and meats (some being plant-based) that you can cook in your Grill Hut. I hope you have come out of this blog post learning something new, excited to try a new veggie sausage in your Arctic Cabin or even that bit more intrigued into getting yourself one!

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