The Zen Den: How A Scandi Hut Creates Space Just For You

Posted by Victoria Parkinson on May 20, 2022 1:46:51 PM

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Everything that you get from an Arctic Cabin – the Perfect Scandi Hut.

Scandi is very much in. Whether we are talking about country style Gustavian interiors from Sweden, the Scandinavian mid century classic designs of the Modernist movement or the Danish passion for Hygge, we can't seem to get enough of it. And our Finnish roots are very much steeped in the rich history of 'Scandi' before it was even a thing. Read our blog to find out more...

From Copenhagen-based textiles brand Tekla, who just launched a collection of flannel pyjamas – which look so comfortable, snug and warm – they positively ooze ‘cosy night in’.
To Danish food writer, Trine Hahnemann, who is in demand for her Scandi recipes - the image of Scandi carrot soup that illustrated her recent piece for The Times makes your mouth water just to look at it, such a vibrant colour, it warms you up inside without even needing to take a spoonful.

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And Scandi inspired furniture is no longer the preserve of Ikea. John Lewis now boast over 200 lines in their Natural Scandinavian range with Fionnuala Johnston (Senior Designer, Home Design Studio) observing that the Scandi approach allows people to “treat their homes as their sanctuaries and this calm, minimal aesthetic – where everything has a reason for being – is perfect.’

Gathering all these threads together gives you real sense for what ‘Scandi’ is – It’s home, warm and cosy; it’s family, together, relaxing; it’s comfortable, familiar but also inspiring.

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The Scandi Hut

The Arctic Cabins BBQ Hut is inspired by the Finnish Grillkota. With twenty-four hours of daylight in the summer, the Fins like to stay up late to enjoy the light, and then, in long dark winters, socialising somewhere cosy and warm is a must! Most Finnish homes have a BBQ hut in their garden.

Even in the depths of a Finland forest, in a clearing, you’ll find a BBQ hut, just sat there, free for anyone to use, many have been there for 100 or even 150 years. Even when temperatures fall to -20 or -30°, with deep snow on the ground, the huts keep the cold out and the warmth in.


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Arctic Cabin’s co-owner Virpi Marjaana Kokko, herself from Finland recalls the time she took English husband, Gareth, to visit her beloved home country back in the 1990's, “The look on his face as he took in the simple wonder of the random selection of huts, their longevity (in spite of some of the harshest conditions) and the fact that everyone in Finland just seemed to know they were there - almost as if knowing of their presence was part of our shared DNA!”

Virpi adds, “My mother made a suggestion to Gareth that he should introduce BBQ huts to the UK. Of course! This is absolutely what people need in their gardens in the UK! The unreliable British weather, the love of barbequing and the desire for families to spend more quality time together. After seeing the communal BBQ huts in the deepest depths of woodland wilderness, and that every other home in Finland seemed to have one in their garden, Gareth knew the idea was perfect.”

And perfect it is – The Perfect Escape! Alone or Together.

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The Arctic Cabins BBQ Hut is the perfect zen den for getting away from it all. The natural spruce aroma induces a state of calm the moment you open the door and, when you close the door, you shut the noise and clamour of the world out. Even visitors to the log cabin village at our show-site comment on how peaceful it is inside, despite our proximity to Nottingham’s busy A52 and the Toton Lane Park and Ride Tram Stop.

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When you’re not seeking solitude and feeling a little more sociable, the BBQ Hut comes into its own. Our log cabin, with its circular seating around a centrally integrated BBQ, is perfect for spending time with loved ones too! Sharing real ‘facetime’ over a relaxing, flickering BBQ grill beats doing it virtually over an unreliable internet connection any day! We even have a an option with a bar - our Arctic Bar is great fun if you're the sociable sort, or like to kick back & relax with a glass or two of something. 

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Stressless Space

Finland repeatedly ranks in the top 10 “Most Stress Free” countries. Growing up in a country where miles upon miles of peaceful forest is only broken by the occasional Grillkota, it’s easy to see why!
It’s not just Finland. Norway, Iceland and Denmark are regularly contenders for the number one spot in league tables of ‘stresslessness’, and each of these nations are known for their penchant for and affinity with BBQ huts too!

It seems that relaxation and a stress-free life go hand in hand with access to BBQ Huts and log cabins! Perhaps as more UK homes adopt the Grillkota lifestyle, we’ll break the top 20 too!
The Arctic Cabins BBQ cabins gives you more than just a sense of balance. As well as being an oasis of calm and of course the setting for your greatest BBQ successes on that magnificent grill, your log cabin gives you space – just to be.

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In Space, No-One Can Hear You Scream

As I write this, we’ve all been spending a lot more time at home. We had more time together, often with less interaction with the outside world. Personally, I’ve loved this extra family time but even I, occasionally need a place to escape to.

For me, getting the kids to bed and sneaking out to the BBQ hut is the perfect way to end the day, peacefully, centred and ready for a great night sleep.

I used to stare at a screen, either the TV or my tablet or phone - late-night eBay or Amazon binge always led to morning after buyer’s remorse! Now, the only ‘tech’ I take out to the BBQ Hut is an old baby monitor, and a really old iPod Shuffle (that can’t connect to the internet -bliss!!!) so I can access some relaxing meditation music.

Having the extra space, that a BBQ Hut brings, used to feel like a total luxury. Now I wonder how I managed without having a space to make the perfect escape. Instantly, it felt like we’d added an extra room, but a multi-functional room that would change entirely depending on which family members were in there and what they were using it for.

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Multifunctional Space

We’d have evenings where we’d agree to a ‘tech-ban’, owner Victoria calls it ‘No Tech Tuesday!’ and instead of all staring at our screens, we would tell stories about our day as the BBQ grill crackled and glowed. Who needs Minecraft when you’ve got sausages sizzling on the grill?! Heavenly!
Some nights, the children claim the BBQ Hut as theirs, either to tackle their homework in an inspiring space or to invite friends around to socialise in a safe and cool setting. The sound of laughter coming from the cabin is among the most wonderful - you can have this all year round, whatever the weather. To know that your kids and their friends are safe is priceless.

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On other nights, my partner and I would assert our will to be in the cabin – it would usually involve us bribing the kids with sweets and a movie! Closing the door, shutting out the world, cooking together, talking and laughing, taking time to enjoy a bottle of wine, before snuggling together as the fire of the grill reduces to glowing embers – it feels like the world stops spinning quite so frenetically, as if the pace of life decelerates and becomes slow-motion. As a couple, these nights are rare and so precious, but we’ve had more of them since the BBQ Hut became part of our family.

All of this happens thanks to the extra space that the BBQ Hut gives us. When you’re looking for a solution to your home and family’s space challenges, the Arctic Cabins BBQ Hut delivers.

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Imagining And Realising Your Potential

Visitors to our show-site village of timber garden buildings tell us that it’s exciting just imagining what they’d do in theirs! Just imagine the real excitement of owning a Scandi BBQ Hut – what would YOU do in YOURS?

That’s what it’s all about! Each BBQ Hut is built to exacting specifications in our purpose built UK factories, by craftsmen who take pride in ensuring each hut they build is as perfect as the last. Once it leaves us though, your BBQ Hut becomes unique – the life that you bring to your Arctic Cabins BBQ is what brings it to life.

The sound of laughter will echo through the years and the memories you make as your family grows and evolves will last a lifetime.

It’s the universe of possibility, limited only by your imagination, that makes your Grillkota - your very own.

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Curate ‘Your Own Universe In Ours’

Owning an Arctic Cabins BBQ Hut is all about creating your own world of peace and calm, we just provide the canvas. It’s a beautiful canvas! But we’re always in awe of the masterpiece that you create!
Talking to the Financial Times about those Scandi pyjamas I mentioned at the start, Charlie Hedin said, “I wanted people to be able to curate their own universe within ours.”

I love that.

At least, I think that he’s talking about the pyjamas, but as I listen to a mix of meditational music and the sound of the kids gently snoring on the baby monitor, and as the milk for my hot chocolate comes to a gentle boil on the BBQ hut’s stove, he could as easily be talking about my Arctic Cabins BBQ Hut.

And, for that matter, yours too.

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